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Do you have a firmly fixed budget? We normally design to your “Brief” and see what it will cost. Once you have reviewed our design proposal you can then make your budget decisions and readjust your requirements. Getting Local Council approval and arranging contracts is time consuming. Do you have a critical date for your project? We will go over this in more detail when we commence.


Q. What are your basic requirements?
e.g. Number of rooms, area to be renovated, capture views, deal with council, crazy neighbours, noise, heritage etc. 
Please make any other notes to assist you and feel free to cross out underline or make whatever notes to further inform us about your project on the Basic Brief page.

Q. Do you have any of the following; Land Title or a Survey drawing?
Floor plan of existing, Water Board sewerage diagram, Any council documents (eg 149 Certificate, zoning or heritage listing).

Please bring copies to your meeting or email them to us. The more info at the meeting the better! A survey will be required of your property and we will measure the internal dimesnsions of your house or unit before we can provide a design for you.


First Meeting and how long does it take?
We can come out to your site and discuss your requirements and take dimensions and photos. There is no obligation if you don’t proceed. Any work after the fixed fee charged on a time basis. Generally 1st sketches take 2-4 weeks after survey received, further sketches and other documents take, it depends on your input, but say 4 - 8 weeks and a DA takes around 3-6 months to be approved.

Your Investment
A fixed fee of $198 inc GST, for our first meeting on site then hourly rate of $250 for David the principal & $150 for Architects (Stephanie), $80 for Intern (Joel), $75 for other staff (Charllote and travel time), & costs x 10%, plus gst. We prefer Direct Debit or bank transfer, Credit card payments attract a 2% surcharge. We work on a retainer basis. Generally architectural fees to get to council submission are around 5% - 8.5% of your budget, with other consultants fees and council charges costing more. We get referrals from a variety of sources for which we pay a fee.


Give us a call to make an appointment, or fill in the above form and we look forward to speaking with you soon. 
Cheers, David, Charllote, Joel and Stephanie

Paragrid Architecture
ph 02 9660 4588
83 Johnston St, Annandale 2038


Code of Conduct: We have the Architects Regulation 2017 NSW Architects Code of Professional Conduct at our office and here on our website. Click on the link above to download a PDF copy. We will provide you a copy before we commence any work.