There are lessons to be drawn from the cracks that appeared in Sydney’s Opal Tower, but they extend beyond building certification

The reasons for the cracked concrete that triggered the evacuation – twice – of residents from Sydney’s Opal Tower over Christmas and the New Year are unknown and will take time to properly establish. Many commentators are jumping to the conclusion (yes that includes you, Senator Carr) that the problem is the result of the privatisation of building certification. Instead of being done by government or council inspectors, certification is now done by private contractors engaged by the developer. It might well be a contributing factor, but what went wrong at Opal Tower is is much more complex than that. Making certification a government responsibility again won’t solve it.

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Archdaily Best of 2018

For all you Architecture nerds out there, here is Archdaily’s best of 2018.

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Archicentre Australia Cost Guide 2017

The good people over at Archicentre Australia have put together a handy cost guide for 2017. It is only a guide of course, and construction costs can vary from in different parts of the country. These figures might be more suited to the suburban Melbourne market as Sydney costs tend be be a bit higher, especially around the inner city and inner west areas.

You can download a copy using the following link